Get amazing sign-up Bonuses with IviBet



It is all about the sign-up bonus campaigns these days. As a user, you can practically find hundreds of online betting platforms offering more or less a similar service. So how will a user decide that this platform will be the best?

This is where the sign-up bonuses campaign comes right in. And comparing it to its competitors, Ivi bet knows exactly how a campaign is run targeting the sign-up promotions.

Massive live campaigns in terms of bonuses

You won’t believe it, but ivibet is undoubtedly one of the top sports betting platforms that offer an amazing sign-up bonus to new users. This is practically their way of showing how honored they are by the presence of their new users, and they will do everything to facilitate them, starting with a bonus.

The percentage of bonus you will get on sign-up depends upon your account type and the amount you have deposited as your initial deposit. 

There is a limit on your first deposit that you can get back as a 100% sign-up bonus from the platform.

Accessing the sports book module

The sportsbook is probably why ivibet is at the top of the sports betting platform list. The platforms have categorized all the major sports played throughout the globe into certain categories. 

All these categories are labeled in the sports book, and the user can select the preferred sports.

Now, this may be a surprise for you, but ivibet also allows its users to place their bets on esports events. 

From COD to Minecraft, you can practically bet on your favorite teams and players and earn a handsome amount if you win your bet.

Easy to use


We conducted a thorough survey of the ivibet users to find the exact reason behind this platform’s exceptional success. 

The answers varied from user to user, but one thing was common in all these answers. Every single one of the users agreed that the interface of ivibet is super easy to use.

In a few clicks, you can get the sports book and place your bets in real-time. Plus, there are no technicalities involved in using the platform. 

But even if you don’t know much about it, the platform provides a tutorial for first-time users.

Bonus for new players!

As a new player, you can tell that ivibet will do everything in their hands to make you feel valued. A clear example of this is that the platform offers exceptional sign-up and regular bonuses to its new users. 

A small boost from the platform for your betting journey.

As the time passes, the bonuses and the promotions start depending on your performance as a better and the seriousness you show with platform policies and regulations. 

You can also upgrade your bonus status by switching to a VIP account.

Final Note

Ready to take on the betting world with ivibet? The ivibet platform is waiting for you to get an account and start betting with some amazing bonuses right around the corner. 

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