Closest to the city center


LaGuardia airport

You probably did not know that the closest airport from Manhattan is actually LaGuardia. It is only about 8 miles away from the city center. However, JFK airport has the advantage of subway connection, so it holds the title of primary airport of New York City. Public transit stops about 2 miles away from the LaGuardia airport. The travelers have to find some other way to cover the remaining distance. 

How to get to LGA

The easiest way to get to the LaGuardia airport is to take a Taxi. The biggest factor is where you live in New York City. Some parts of it are further away from the airport than others. From Williamsburg, you can get there for as little as twenty dollars with ride-sharing apps. It’s more expensive from lower parts of Manhattan. LaGuardia is really convenient for people who intend to stay in Williamsburg or Midtown Manhattan. 

Alternatively, you can change between two transit routes for about 3$ in total. You have to cover a little distance between two stations on foot, so if you are carrying a heavy bag, it’s not ideal.  

Future improvements


The airport is currently under construction and is undergoing repairs. In a few years, it will be a great facility, but currently the LaGuardia airport is limited in how many passengers can go through there. Still, even in limited capacity, it’s bigger than you might expect. A lot of renovations have already finished, and based on photos, we can say that the renovated airport looks amazing. Recent visitors are also praising efficiency of the security and other staff. 

Navigating the airport

LaGuardia airport has many terminals. Whether you are landing or flying out of here, it’s important to pay attention to the terminal. If you arrive at the airport on a bus, you might have to walk about 20-30 minutes to get to your terminal. This is really inconvenient and it gets worse. Sometimes your flight might change terminal at the last minute, and that’s when you are in trouble. There is no shuttle that takes you from one terminal to the next. 

Possible destinations

There are planes taking off to all corners of the world. There are also incoming flights from other cities in the USA as well as Europe and even Asia. Sometimes flights out of LaGuardia are cheaper, because the Airport isn’t in as much demand as JFK.  

If you get to the airport early, or if you have to change flights at this airport, there is a lot you can do to keep yourself entertained. There are many cafes, shops and other varieties of places where you can eat. At the time of writing this, seats are in short supply. However, availability of seats depends on when you get there, as well as time of the day. If you’ve taken care of everything and have to wait for some time, you can pass free time by playing games at Woo Casino. There is also a lounge for club members and people who fly a lot. 

LaGuardia airport has many options for car rentals. 

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